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Don’t Lose Hope!

Posted by: bbcadmin

As many of you, especially here in Illinois, came to realize with the latest election cycle, that we are in an ever declining process of falling morals here in America. A land that was founded upon godly principles. Let me just encourage us all when I encourage you to read the last chapter of Revelations and remind us all that if you have called upon Jesus, put your faith and trust in Him, You WIN! You have already won. This world is spiraling at an alarming rate in regards to morals, but no matter what happens, or how far they get, we still win in the end. No one is greater than our Heavenly Father. No one can take His throne. No one can vote Him out. No one can replace Him. We have the victory through our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Remember: He is King of kings and Lord of lords!